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 I sincerely enjoy to create! I love this new shabby chic/vintage-style world we decorators and event planners have entered. My wedding was my inspiration. It was a “do-it-yourself” kind of event and is what motivated me to start making chalkboard signs that could be used at events or for home decor!



 Sincerely Yours allows you to be the inspiration of your art displayed. Specializing in custom made chalkboards with free hand chalk art! Whether it’s a welcome sign for your wedding, gift for a baby shower, or a piece of art for your home, Sincerely Yours Chalkboards will help create your vision. If you have your own chalkboards or frames SY Chalkboards can supply the art!


Each piece of art is made unique and creatively by free-hand. The chalkboards or frames are first painted with chalkboard paint. The chalkboard art is drawn on using chalkboard pens. These pens are semi-permanent. If the picture is desired to be permanent, it would then be sprayed with a clear coat to make it permanent.

Also available: ..Wood Pieces.. ..Mirrors.. ..Windows.. ..Paper Products.. (the options are endless)

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